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No breakfast rooms or plastered restaurants. From breakfast to dinner live the Eat'n'Drink taste experience in The Hub!

Eat'n'Drink is the varied and flexible way to enjoy meals and drinks in the common area using the many services provided by Stay Hotel.

Starting from breakfast, it is possible to access the different Eat'n'Drink areas located in The Hub space, accessible at any time.

Customize your pleasure spaces


In the Hub

Start your day at 7:00 a.m. with the lavish Buffet Self Service Breakfast available until 10:30 a.m., featuring fresh quality sweet and savory items. Choose also from a careful selection of organic and local dishes.

Proudly made in our kitchen

and go!


For those who are in a hurry or simply need to get a quick start to their day, Stay Hotel offers the "grab and go" option with a choice of various ready-made sweet and savory dishes, with coffee or fruit juices to be picked up directly in the dedicated area.



Thanks to the synergy with the local Food Delivery systems, you can order and have delivered directly to the hotel the best dishes of the restaurants in the area so you can consume them freely and quietly in the common area THE HUB. Fancy some traditional local recipes, pizza, sushi or Hawaiian poké? There are no limits to your imagination.



The Stay Hotel's Honesty Bar is open around the clock. At any time of day, in fact, you can find delicious snacks for a quick meal, cold beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a selection of wines and beers always at your disposal.

Choose the food or drink you prefer, without asking any of the staff. You just have to fill out the sheet with what you eat and drink.

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Stay Hotel Varese is the new way to think about travel with peace of mind and flexibility, combining active rest and business in the best possible way, in a harmonious and balanced way to keep the quality of life always high and profitable. Stay Hotel Varese is a place of return where the person is at the center of possibilities to explore, emotions to discover, relationships and networks to build.